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Sen. Reid: Protesters are 'evil-mongers'

• The Hill

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
Entered on:

Hey Navada!! What the hell are you doing.

Your man Reid is still has a job in Gov,and it`s all because of you....what`s up with that?

Comment by Anonymous
Entered on:

Flashback "SHRILL HILL"

Comment by Paul Zimmerman
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 Dissent and protest are undemocratic and only wicked people engage in it, unless of coure, it's in the streets of Iran.  Then dissent and protest are but noble expressions of a people yearning for freedom from wicked tyrants.  ;^)

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Looks like the "Aye`s" have it. 

What has really happened is that these cronies are seeing something the don`t recognize...Ameriacans...and the`re scared as hell.

Comment by Rocky Frisco
Entered on:

Dissent is evil???

 In what Science-Fiction version of America does this brainless stinker live?

Reid isn't the only person who can use characterization; I can do it too.

Reid is a scrofulous, evil, treasonous, stupid syphilitic, old, fecocerebral, phallocephallic asshole who should be yanked out of office onto a reeking shitpile.

Have a nice day.


Comment by William Klepzig
Entered on:

 So! Its come down to this!   You either agree with me or its the fishes for you.!!

Actually, dear Senator, we do out number you, we do vote and we have money to spend to un-elect you.  Perhaps you should consider, that it is time to watch your back because "We the people" have a right to express our selves and it is You the Servant of the people who are suppose to listen.


It only takes a few seats in congress to change the way the US Government spends, and makes war.  You seat may be next!


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