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Car Seizure Law Used to Take Bike from Little Girl


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Comment by Rocky Frisco
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Time to take the uniforms off these bad examples of subhuman filth and cloth them in tar and feathers. Bullies in Uniform are the lowest form of life. Who could call these creeps "Peace Officers?" They would last about 5 minutes in Oklahoma.

Comment by Richard Stone
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 Another brave cop risking his life for us citizens against a 5 year old member of a biker gang. I am so glad we are safer now and I can sleep better at night. He should have tazered her then beat her with his night stick to teach her a lesson. We just can't let criminal like this walk around and threaten our safety. God bless America !!!!!

Comment by Rusty Shackleford
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....""Her face was bright red and tears were pouring down her face. Now she thinks the police are bad."........


Got to give it to this little girl, she figured out "the Police are Bad" at an early age....


To bad her parents and grandparents didn't figure this out before they turned in their firearms a decade or so ago....Doh!


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