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Did Treasury Lie About Its AIG "Investment"?

• The Business Insider
That AIG is a giant sink-hole for taxpayer dollars is no secret now. But that's not what Washington communicated last year, maintaining that the bailout of AIG was an investment that would be paid back. New documents show, however, that Washington never really believed what it was saying, and that the "this is an investment" rhetoric was just to make the gigantic bailout more palatable. Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch just dug up some juicy Treasury documents on Washington's bailout of AIG.

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Comment by Lola Flores
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 Nooooooooo!  The Treasury would never lie about anything, particularly, AIG.  And most certainly not Tim Geithner, just because he may have forgotten to pay a $100G or so in taxes doesn't mean he lies or anything like that...