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Blasting Neutrinos Under Wisconsin May Yield Big Payoff

• Washington Post

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Comment by Ed Price
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If you had a big rock sitting on your head, would you feel "weighted down?" 

If you had a bunch of big rocks sitting on you, would they "squish" you? 

Since the material a couple thousand miles down below the surface of the earth has lots and lots of rocks sitting on it, do you think that maybe they are squished big time? 

If rocks are squished big time, doesn't it stand to reason that they might be compressed and compacted by the tremendous weight of all those rocks above them? And if they are compacted, aren't they more dense? And if they are more dense, isn't it reasonable to think that they might be struck by more nutrinos? 

When a nutrino strikes a piece of material, doesn't it make that material a tiny bit warmer? And if the material is dense enough that it can be struck by many nutrinos, might it not become hot, or even very hot if it is dense enough? 

I wonder where all that internal earth heat comes from. 


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