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Obama disses marriage law as Justice defends it

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Comment by Ed Price
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If you really want candidates and nominees for Government office to follow through with the promises of their platform, make it a law that they are manditarilly executed for non-timely following through with their promises when ellected. 

And to keep things in proper order, make the law to state that the successor - in the case of President, the Vice-President - must complete the platform promises of the recently-exezcuted President in a timely manner, or he/she/it gets executed, as well. 


Comment by Ed Price
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This is such a crock... and I don't mean it from the standpoint of gays marrying each other... but that too. 

1. Marriage is a contract and agreement. You wanna get married? Do it! Just don't break your agreement with somebody that you are already married to. Breaking agreements and contracts and GOOD FAITH is what is destoying freedom and our country as a whole. 

2. Government doesn't have anything to do with our GOOD FAITH agreements and contracts, unless we want it to - see the 5th Amendment. Your marriage agreement is with your marriage partner. Forget the marriage license. It is not required by law or by GOOD FAITH. Since it is not required by law, why would you want to involve Government in your marriage? Do you want them to see what you are doing in your bedroom? Are you intentionally inviting them into your life? Is it man plus woman plus Government that makes a marriage? Or is it only man plus woman? 

3. Now, if you gays really want to get married, does involving Government really make it wise or workable? If Government says it is acceptable, does that really make sense? You can have friendships all you want without Government. You can m*****bate in and imto somebody elses body all you want, and that without Government. But what is the real reason for marriage? Isn't it to have children and to raise them with stability in their lives? In nature gays can't have children. And "FOR THE CHILDREN" is really what marriage is really all about - to give the children a secure and stable life. You don't need Government to live together in harmony. And Government certainly doesn't know how to give children a stable, secure life better than true man/woman marriage. Or show me where. 

The idea of gay marriage is simply another way Government is trying to control our lives. Government recognizes that it is having a hard time controlling those of us who are strong. So it is working through every other way that it can to gain control. It even works through these weak, sick gays, to control their lives by offering them a semblance of freedom when their is really no freedom in gay marriage that has Government as a partner - just as there is no freedom in "straight" marriage where Government is a partner. 


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