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Obama’s mother-in-law paraded around the White House with a voodoo priestess

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Comment by Daniel Howes
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Last I checked the 1st amendment allows you to practice any religion you want.

 Course they wont let me grow Marijuana even though the bible says that all seed bearing plants where put here to use.


Comment by Found Zero
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First of all, Santería is NOT voudou (voodoo). Santería is a latin-American thing, voudou is Haitian. Different deities, different ceremonies, different languages (Spanish for Santería and French for voudou). Different religion. As on "not the same". Remember the Sesame Street song "one of these things is not like the other"?

Second of all, like I give a frack what religion Obama's mom is. She's free to practice hers and I'm free to practice mine.

The rest of the article ties into Skull & Bones and NWO which is about as clumsy an attempt to link 3rd world peasents with the erstwhile masters of the universe as I've ever seen.

Unless Mrs. Obama puts a spell on you, leave her alone. Gentlemen leave family OUT of the fight.


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