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Man carrying assault weapon attends Obama protest

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Comment by Found Zero
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Aw screw this, I reverse my position. The libs are right. We shold all be arrested just because. I mean, there has to be a reason so let's just get it over with. What the heck. I'll go first if somebody else does. We might just as well turn ourselves in. My dog can be considered a lethal weapon, he certainly considers himself to be one and I don't have any kind of concealed carry permit for my dog. So if I walk my dog by an Obama event, that should get me jacked by the MSM.

And I did just get my pitbull a sweater and he looks just adorable in it. Even in the hot summer, he feels like he got something special. He's all waggy-tailed and jumping around and being like "look at me in my sweater". Very cute.

Kinda wish we got that from the kids when we buy them new things but the last thing I bought the kids that made them jump around was those stupid sneakers with the wheels in 'em? Heelies? Shit, I tought they were gonna kill themselves on those things but they got pretty good at them.

All the same, I'm kinda glad they out grew them and aren't interested in them anymore.

What is an enduring mystery to me is what our son wants for I have offered him all things cool, from traps to guns and all he wants is court-sports equipment. Anything to do with baseball, football or baseball and football. Kid don't even like frisbees. He put half his allowance down and mom covered the other half for a ping-pong table.

That turned out to be a pretty good investment because come to think of it, shooting ain't something the kid can do by walking out the back door. It's something we'd have to go to a range for (I keep them in the city and me in the mountains) and for his money, he'd rather just hang out with his friends and his friends think it's cool that we let him set up the ping pong table in the middle of the living room.

We think it's kind of cool too but daughter now feels like brother is monopolizing the living room but the word from on high is "daughter, you are so easy to shop for and this is something that makes your brother happy". Such it will be. The ping pong table will rule supreme by order of the house.

For it is so easy to please a little girl. Put any choice of unicorn, rainbow, happy face or sparkly on anything they can take to school and you have a happy little girl.

A happy young man takes a bit more work. He wants challenge. He might need initial support but he wants confirmation. He wants to excel. Ultimately, a young man wants to do what you cannot do.

It is in the heart of every man to compare himself with his father. Failing that, a young man will compare himself with his lineage. And failing that, a young man will compare himself with whomever is near.

Such is the nature and origin of what they call "juvenile delinquency". I call it a lack of parenting, but more centrally, a lack of family.

Comment by Found Zero
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I guess we lost the rhetorical war on what is an "assault weapon".

just for the sake of iteration, an AR-15 is a civilian model of the M-16 series. The military M-16s are assault weapons meaning their purpose is to assault and overtake enemy positions and meaning weapon in the sense that you mean to use it on people.

The AR-15 is a de-militarized, civilian sport rifle favored for it's accuracy and reliability. UNLIKE IT'S MILITARY COUNTERPART, this is not an automatic firearm. It is semi-auto like many other sport rifles like .22s which are primarily used for kids or squirrel hunting or really nice bird-hunting shotguns.

The AK series of firearms are similarly described but without much accuracy. These we call "defensive weapons" but we seldom call our firearms "weapons", but by their more distinct classification such as "side arm", "long rifle", "shotgun" or other taxonimy.


Why don't I just stick with "liberals get a clue?" I have no clue.

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