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Guns at Obama Protest Scare Folks, but Cops Say No Laws Were Broken

• Phoenix New Times

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Comment by Found Zero
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Funny Duncan.

Today I'm proud of Arizona and Phoenix PD. Have I showed up at actions packing? Sure. Lots of times. I do know it adds a burden to legitimate security considerations, but humans are a constant threat to security whether armed with firearms, rocks or verbal threats.

Do you suppose that if I was running security at this show, would packers represent a point of interest to be scrupulously watched? YOU BET. I'd keep a close eyes on us, but I'd not let it distract me.

I'd be more worried about the firearm I DON'T SEE.

Whatever. To hardened liberal opposition we are all terrorists and criminals irrespective of our rights, irrespective of our actions or our lack thereof.

Comment by Duncan Adams
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" What would happen if people on both sides carried guns to a heated protest? Obviously, in situations like that, it might only take one wise guy to kick off a war. " And this is a bad thing ? How ?
Comment by Jet Lacey
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There's nothing quite like good ol' cut-and-paste journalism.  Welcome to America; the land of envenomed lethargy and sub-mediocrity. 

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