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Inflatable Spacecraft Shield Works, Space Test Shows

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Comment by Ed Price
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Here we go, back to the past. I thought the days of capsule landings were over. Hasn't the goal been to make some kind of space plane work? Like the shuttle? Didn't capsule re-entry go out with the '60s and '70s? 

Dump NASA. Spaceship One shows that private industry is doing what NASA's government promoted programs have been trying to do for years - mostly without success. 

Think about this. The United States Government is so extremely capable that, for their own reasons of profit and control, they have been successfully pulling the wool over the eyes of the nation with regard to the space program. If they had really wanted to go into space, they have had the technoligical ability to do so decades ago. 

And there are those that think that they did... covertly.  

Google words having to do with secret moon base. 


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