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Why Cash for Clunkers is Stupid

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Comment by Rainy Day
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Comment by Found Zero
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Gods, is it my arteries clogging or is it that crap they are pouring into engine blocks?

You know that, right? All clunkers get chemicals poured right into the engine block that permanently renders them inoperative. Each one, most of them machines that drove into the dealership, all are now scrap metal.

Hey I could say I was angry then and I'm angrier now. But I ain't. There's a limit to anger. It goes on a scale from 1-10 and you can edge it up to 11 but not for long.

At a certain point you have to trade in anger for resolve and doses of humor and tolerance and forgiveness kind of come in handy. Like when they are mashing up the next 5 years of your recycled automotive supply for jack shit that you have to pay for.

The real laugh is all these idiots getting cashed out on their clunkers are paying tax next year on that cash out as though it is income so..........


Dumb fuckers are taking on debt, paying tax on the new vehicle, paying out the ass for insurance with full coverage, tax on that, tax on the new registrations, tax potentially on their assets and finally....



......drum roll


.......taxed on what they just got for a discount ticket. And the good old IRS decides what rate and what exemptions you got to screw you for.......

.......drum roll......


More taxes you proud fools!

Man I have this great new guitar riff going in my head, kind of harmonic like Sneaker Pimps learned from Sonic Youth comes across Smashing Pumpkins. Can you imagine that?

Imagine these lyrics:

She's gonna come do ya

she's gonna come screw ya

she's gonna come near ya hey

she's gonna come some day

some day some day

Comment by Found Zero
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This time they are kicking me square in the balls. I was just getting ready to shop for a Chrystler minivan. I wanted another one of those suckers. For about $1500 with about 100k miles on it because properly maintained, one of those suckers, fuck man you should have seen my last one. The thing wouldn't die. It had, and I shit you not, over 250k miles on it before the tranny went and it pulled more than any man has a right to expect from 4 cylanders. 


Lee Iacocca saved Chrystler. Like anybody gives a shit now.

Comment by Found Zero
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We already know why it's stupid. Why am I so stupid as to not go kick every car dealer in town who goes for this square in the balls?

Does my restraint make me stupid or does it make me another innocuous "man with a gun"?

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