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Backing up the First with the Second...

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Comment by Lola Flores
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 In that case then, carry on, man, carry on!

Comment by Found Zero
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This has got a bit embarrasing to me as by habit I not only strap, I got the full duty belt on. Just ask Ed or Maresco. I mean I don't pack, I'm ready to effect the law. It's kind of a point of pride how I assembled my duty belt because it's a mixture of things I bought new, things given to me by guys I did work with, guys who had retired. Black basket weave. Old school. Matching hardware too. I mean I do indeed concede to vanity. This stuff ain't meant to be concealed.

I mean to say the whole concept of a "well dressed man" in Arizona ain't even remotely like what they got in the news rooms back East or in Calirorniacation.

Now the left-wing attack is that we go strapped because we're insecure and I'll cop to my share of it. As a former EMT and enforcer, I know what it's like to happen on a scene (or have it happen right in front of you) and not have your equipment. It makes it really difficult to do your job.

My duty belt has a firearm on it but it also has things to help and heal. At this time I wear no badge, I have no office, I'm just a dude. But my duty belt is basically life-saving equipment wherever I go. And every cop from the lowest rook to the highest rank has this awareness.

Ed puts it more simply: there are three things a man should never be without: the ability to make fire, a blade and the ability to defend yourself.

It's just common sense in the desert. Boy am I glad Obama is out of here because all this spot-light is just putting a cramp on my style.

Comment by Ed Price
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That 18-year-old who was arrested for disorderly conduct in Scottsdale while he was jogging (where) in military garb while carrying a fake assault rifle - HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN CARRYING A REALL RIFLE. Open Carry. They couldn't have done anything to him then. 

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