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The Week in Charts – Buckle the Heck Up!

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Comment by William Klepzig
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 If you are older then 40 you would have had enough understanding of personal finance to understand you will always get a bill......You may also have the strength of character to face facts and pay what you owe.

That being said...our esteemed leader and his pack of low mental lap dogs with great educations are like a drunk with a credit card who wants to impress the big boys...he will spend until he is broke plus a few trillion as the big boys take his money and the banks demand the payments plus interest.

Suggestions...two....a billion per state to start jobs, bring back jobs at 40 hours a week and full benifits that have been shipped over seas, along with this---and here is a nasty idea-the imports have to equal what it costs to produce here.....

Second ten atomic and ten coal fired energy plants with two cities built to support them...they will be built in Wyoming, Montana the implement the power America will require in the future and to control the excess charges the energy companies now charge.

A third----take a look at where the leadership of American Government and Industry has been educated at....Here is the problem and it can be fixed.......



Comment by Richard Stone
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 Red you must be having a bad day and taking too much meth. It is hard for me to decide which is better, to ignore an angry lib with a chip on your shoulder that has nothing constructive to say or tell you that you need to go play somewhere else because you are a pain in the a**. Could anyone else out there help me make a decision, suggestions would be appreciated

Comment by Lola Flores
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 Wanna bet that the pumping up is at an old-time high?  Care to research the McCarthy Era?  And, oh, btw, while you're at it, see if you can draw any comparisions with what is happening today.  And, NOOOOOOOOO!  I ain't suggesting that you sheep are all being brainwashed, manipulated or anything like that...


He he...suckers!

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