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'Chicken underground' emerges in Indiana


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Hey thank the Gods! I been advocating chicken raising for years now. They are pretty easy to hatch and raise and they are easy to handle. Once you got a handle on 'em.

I should put out a Youtube on how to kill a chicken quick and to where it's pretty comfortable for the chicken if you can believe it. The bird is just as calm as can be if you do it right. But part of it is they trust you and feel comfortable around you. Incredibly, you can feel a good deal of affection coming at you when you come to the coop with feed and water. And when you give them fresh bedding (sawdust is great) they take great joy in "showing" in it to clean themselves off. Well tended, they can be almost hygeinic.

But where you can't do chickens, do bunnies. They are way, way quieter and they don't need all that much space. Bunnies are yummy, their fur is valuable and their droppings are awesome compost. Plus they make great pets and like to play with toys.

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