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DNA Evidence Can Be Fabricated, Scientists Show

• NY Times

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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I am afraid once they have your DNA they have you entered into the FBI's national database.  While this is not a DNA sequence database, but rather a genetic marker (SNPs) database, it is not a stretch for them to either keep the DNA sample you were compelled to give or to sequence portions of it on the cheap. We recently psted an article that cmplete sequencing of an individual's entire genetic code can be done now in a few days for around $60,000.  The time to sequence and cost will only continue to decrease.

Comment by Terry Bressi
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It's about time the lame stream media did some research and reporting on this issue.

It's been obvious for years that the manufacturing of fingerprints and DNA is quite doable. By keeping fingerprint and DNA databases, "law" enforcement has been undermining their utility and credibility.

The utility of fingerprints and DNA used to be that there was only one source - the individual the samples came from. Since that is no longer the case, a claim that the government was able to match up someone's fingerprint or DNA from a crime scene with their database(s) no longer has much credibility (except in the government court system of course).

One only needs to look at scandals associated with the fbi and state crimes labs over the past several years to realize this.

Comment by William Stone
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I have question for anybody who might know. I severely angered a California cop by dating his ex-girlfriend { I had no idea }so he tried to set me up, my DNA was taken by force then I was cleared of suspiscion and my DNA did not match. What happens to my DNA sample? What's going to stop him from using it later to set me up again? Do they keep my sample on file like fingerprints? I would like my DNA back, I did nothing wrong, they should have to return it.

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