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Gilbert Police to Hand Out $210.00 Tickets to Students Caught Jaywalking

• AZ Central

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Comment by Richard Stone
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 I just can't understand why people have such contempt and disrespect for the police. They are educating the young in the methods that the police are here to protect and serve. Police have to teach those little jaywalking terriorist who is the boss. If they still don't listen, taze them and beat them with your night stick, that will teach them.

Comment by Robert B
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 How is charging $210.00 for jaywalking validating govt. It only validates the vampirism of govt at this stage of economic breakdown! They can't meet their budget shortfalls because of business closings and lack of property tax revenue so they try to suck as much money as they can directly from individuals!!*! Thats what  is the reason for $210.00 citation!

Comment by David Taylor
Entered on:'t you mean our government believes we need to pay for them somehow?

Comment by Powell Gammill
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We have to pay for out government somehow. 

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