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“The Real War Is Not Between the Left and the Right. It Is Between the Average American and the Ruli

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Comment by Lola Flores
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 No, the real war is against common sense & normalcy

Comment by Rosemary Farbman
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 Yes just another bumch of crooks. Our wonderful Goverement,Banks wall street.nothing but a bunch of thieves. But the sad thing is they get away with it. But now i think the amrican people are sick and tired of being sick and tired. The american people are finally saying enoughis enough. While you sit up there living your fancy live's  spendingmoney like it is free. Your health insuracne is paid by us the taxpayer.

SO NOW the American people are saying screw you all. They took all there equity out on there home's and now are saying here ya go keep it. Its not worth  nothing.Im filing bankrupcy..its about time th epeople fianlly said enough is enough....I have a business and i work my butt off. While as i sit at my shop and I have to say 75 % of the people are collecting some sort of disabilty, even the young then they work under the table...

Me and my employee look at each other and say " WHat the hell are we doing wrong??? There depressed they get disabilty. It make's me sick!!!!!!!

The people are fed up and i say it's about time we fight back. I have no sympanthy  for the bank the goverment. They sit up in there fancy office's over lookng the river or ocean goign out to eat like kings . They get there health insurance paid. While the middle class and the upper middle class suffer busting there butts off and getting nothing...i truly hope the amercian people really continue to tell them svreww off. WE have had enough...Our presidents did not give a rats ass aboutus. They care about themself .They are all a bucnh of crooks, they are a legalised mafia and thatis the truth!!!!

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