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Daily Gut: Does MSNBC Want a Race War?

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Comment by Rusty Shackleford
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I see nothing wrong with him or any other law abiding citizen showing up to show they support an Amendment, the Amendment that ultimately assures that that all the others can assemble and demonstrate on both sides. I would love to see this in more and more areas of the country. It might inspire those in the anti-gun (high crime) states (CA, NY,MA,NJ, etc.) to take back their states from the liberal, big gov. loons that are in power. Maybe get back "their Second Amendment rights"


Chris and others are not just saying No to Gov. Run healthcare...they are say Hell No to A Socialistic, Oppressive, Government as a whole.


If a brave many men didn't bring their weapons to the rallies  some 230 years ago...we would all be running around with bad teeth because we would all be forced to use a dental plan run by the British Gov.


Now if you want to question why Chris was carrying an AR15 and a Glock....OK

....My choice would be, an M-1 Garand and a 45 matter what they say… Size still matters!



Comment by Lola Flores
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 So, are you saying that he should have shown up to the rally nude instead?  Or, perhaps, nude and packing an assault weapon and pistol strapped to his shoulder (or some other part of his body)?

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