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Barack Obama And The Democrats Did Not Inherit The Bad Economy; They Caused It And Made It Worse

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Comment by Billy Mills
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Thank you Lori, at last someone has seeked and found the Truth.  The Blame has always been stuck at Bush's door.  The Dem's have been in Complete Control since 2006. Thank you Lori for bringing thie to Light. GOD Bless..... 

Comment by Lynne Minton
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 you can't even spell

Comment by Rosemary Farbman
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 ARE you kidding me!!!!!!!!!! The republicans made a complete mess of America. Bush is one of the worst Presidents I have experienced. He ran thsi country in the garbadge. Now you want to blame Obama?? What a joke. I feel sorry for this president more then any of our president that have goen threw my life. He went into office and he had to TRY to do something to clean the mess up of BUSH!!!

O bama how has no choice but to spend this money just to get America. It si so amazing to me how the people alwasy want to balme th epoor Presdient that walks into amess...BUSH IS TO BLAME!!!!

I f you really want to know something like Clinto everyone loved him, Do you know why becasue everything was going so wonderful...Even though Mr clinton was making crooked deals with everyone. As he embarressed himself andhis whole family bye getting his D--ck S---cke dunder a desk...PATHETIC what he did to the amercian people and his own family!!!!

Yes that is what i want my children to look up too as a Presdient anothe rlieng cheating piec of garbadge. Please dontmsiunderstand me. I understand they are human's just like us, But when you are in that possion of being Presdent you better be very careful with those bad behaviors.. To top it off helied under oath. So my friedns if he lies about htsi what make's you think he does not lie about many many things... You better take plenty of precaution so you dont get caught and humilate your wife and child. and then of course getting caught....its such a huge joke.


So PLEASE don't Blame Obama. At least give him a chance. He has a huge job cleaning up after that BushFamily, I hope we never see  a another one in offcie as long as ilive and my children...YEs Obam is spending money and im not sure if its right or worng But i do know he has no choice but to do just that, Hey look at like this We allready owe trillions of dollars to china and from waht servcie men tell me we owe iragandmanyothers. See we dont evenknwo the truth....Because all they do is lie steal and cover up. While we the americans continue to struggle, while the immigrants comeover here work cleaning houses for cash with no social and dont pay a 1.00 in taxes....I see 75 % of my cutsomers are collecting disabilty and working under the table making a killing....ZI see this everyday. Why dont the goveremnt. the real truth is also that I as a white widow get no help from anyone. I see friends that have nothing But becasue they are white they get NOTHING..People dont like to say the truth.BUT THat is the truth. I fyour black hispanic  hatian columian you can walk in with tons of jewlery on drive up in a nice cadi and they come out with food stamps, rent money.It make's me sick to my stomach... They get the help!!! Its not right.

I dont blame the m I blame the goveremnt agency's. They are too dum to see it. We the public see it. The white s have become the minority right here in American. THAT IS THE TRUTH !!!!!!! But for me for now I will continue to work pay my taxes becasue that is what i learned. to do. UNTIL the majortiy of people really get sickof it and decide they have had enough and start fightening. When that day com's I will be right with them!!!!

Anothe rthing I must say. We livein AMERICA we speak the english lanuguage and if you want to be here the land of the free then learn our language/.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We the amercian people are at aore how we have catered to the spanish speaking people.We dont go to there country and they cater to our language, no they dont. if you want to be there then learn there language...I talk to many many people evry day at work andso many people say. America has gone to shit. they dont even respect this country anymore and it is the sadest thing I have ever seen or heard..America was once a great country in wich we were proud of...don't forget 911 should have never happened. They got warnings and ignored them!!!!!

All I can do is pray Mr Presdent thatyou have a conscious and will change things around.


GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!


But I could be wrong  but I see Obama

Comment by Left Right
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Barack Obama and the Democrats most certainly inherited a bad economy. That's not to say that they didn't help cause it because they did. But this article is highly partisan and it leads the reader to believe that all the problems are to be laid at the feet of the BLUE TEAM with no mention at all of the nefarious actions of the RED TEAM. Ever hear of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act which repealed the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933. Gramm Leach & Bliley are all Republicans. This "Bad Economy" is the result of both sides Republican and Democrat, selling out to big corporations. I'm not sure who Lori Smith is but she needs to do her homework before posting such obvious propaganda style articles. I thought Freedoms Phoenix was a website that one could escape the everyday Left vs. Right paradigm that permeates our media. Apparently there is no regulation at this sight. Is this not a cause for alarm?

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