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MORE Banking Fraud (Foreclosure Stats)

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Comment by Lola Flores
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 For as long as there is a sucker in America with a 2-dollar bill in his pocket, the theft will not stop

Comment by Rosemary Farbman
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 Well I have to say its about time the people said "we have had enought of your rippingus off, so now they are all going bankrupt. See that is what happens in life when you are nothing but Greedy son of aguns.See you have been chaging us outragious amounts for years on with all your sneaky fine print. Well Im a true believr in what goes around come's around. The morgages that you give us , so kind of you when in the long run if you dont pay off your home ealry they are getting like 3 to  4 times the amount your borrowed. GREEDY BANKS. You took goverment hand outs and aren't even using it for the people. IJust so people know they ripp you off on mutual funds and of course the stocks and beware when you goin aby the. My guy at my new bank charged me more for ford stock whne i got my statement I was like Hello Mr. Thats is not the price u told me.."Oh yes mss F stocks change bye the seconds. Isaid i dont care what or why or how they change/ You told me how much it is and thats what im getting . Ihad to go over his head to a surpervisor. Because there is no way i was going tolet them get away wit that..BUT do you know how many of the people dont catch these crooks in the bank...Then i had one bank sell my mutual fund and could not tell me who did it in the bank and then would not talk to me because i said im geting a lawyer,They are crooks and now they getting what they deserve. The amercian people have had enough of getting ripped of bye these Banks and there outragious interest amounts and all the shady crap that goes on behind doors that we dont even know about.. Well your day have come!!!!!People are saying scrw you keep your homes. they allready took all the equity out and its not worth nothing. Terrible feeling isen't it????? Finally your day has come. I say its about ime!!!!

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