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The Real Viper Conspiracy; Don't believe the hype

• by Vin Suprynowicz

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Comment by Jason Caraballo
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As much as I would love to say that those guys are all whackjobs, in reality, I fear that the day may come when those measures are going to be a requirement in order to protect us and our fellow citizens from the madness being wrought upon our beautiful nation by the despots in both the Administration and the Legislation. God help us if the cry to arms must be sounded to unseat these despots. I lament over the day when these oppressors might actually succeed in enslaving us all.

Comment by Rocky Frisco
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"President Clinton???"   WTF???

Is this a science fiction story?

Comment by Cory Brickner
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 I imagine that is what the Red Coats and even the Colonial Regulars said about the militia during the revolutionary war.

Sadly, public education has done its job, because a majority of the population has no idea about the history of the Second Amendment, nor the militia.  The founders of this country made a standing army illegal, and it still is.  This was for the very reason that a standing army is a tool of the state (or King) used for oppression of the people.  When forming a country with the foundations of liberty, those that created the Declaration of Independence knew the implications of a professional army as compared to an armed citizenry.  It would behoove Red to learn some history.  Ignorance is not an excuse for hoplophobia.

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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This article originally appeared in the September 1996 issue of Liberty Magazine.


Comment by Jefferson Paine
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Aw, Red! Sorry you're so down on yourself, given that by law you're part of the unorganized militia. 

In case you never learned this in school, the unorganized militia is basically the armed citizenry.

Comment by Lola Flores
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 Militia - please see whackjobs, nutjobs, whackjobs with guns, militant nutjobs, pseudo-patriots, nutters who know how to blow up buildings & whacked enough to do it

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