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Viper Reserves

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What is the Viper Reserves? "We must all hang together, or surely, we will all hang separately."
The Viper Reserves is a support group started by friends of the members of the so-called "Viper Militia" to raise money for their legal defense. In this way we hope to form a rear guard for the group so that they will have the resources necessary to defend themselves during what is obvious will be primarily a political trial.
Those of us acquainted with the Vipers know that they are not terrorists and that they would never do anything to endanger innocent lives. However, this is precisely what the government implied at the time of their arrests in spite of the fact that they were not charged with plotting any such acts. The news media dutifully parroted this line without bothering to investigate the merits of the government's case. This alleged "danger to society" is the reason that six members of the group are still being held without bail.
As a result, we the friends of the Vipers invite everyone concerned about the Clinton administation's War on Militias to join us in the Viper Reserves. The Vipers are up against the limitless resources of the federal government and aren't being allowed to return to the jobs which would provide them with the financial resources necessary to mount an adequate defense. Therefore it is up to us to come to their aid in this battle against the rabidly anti-gun and anti-liberty Clinton administration. Top Who should join the Viper Reserves? "Can I tell you something?
Got to tell you one thing,
if you expect the freedom that you say is yours.
Prove that you deserve it.
Help us to preserve it.
Or being free will just be words and nothing more!"

Most likely you should join. If you're unsure, you should start by asking yourself the following questions: 1. Do you belong to a militia group?
2. Do you support the militia concept as described by the founders of the United States?
3. Do you believe that tyrannical government presents a far greater threat to American society than the militia movement?
4. Do you believe that without the Second Amendment the Bill of Rights would be a dead letter?
If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should join the Viper Reserves and help to ensure that the Vipers obtain the competent legal counsel necessary for their defense. The case against the Vipers is totally contrived with regard to any intent to commit violence. The only way the Vipers can be convicted is if their legal representation is inadequate or inept. This danger is far greater if they are limited to representation by public defenders. Top Why should I support or join the Viper Reserves? "For any twentieth-century American who'd been paying attention at all,
the phrase 'criminal justice system' should have been warning enough."

The Clinton administration's War on Militias didn't start with the Vipers and it won't end with the Vipers. It won't end until members and supporters of the militia movement take a stand against the harassment the government and media have proven they intend to lavish upon us for keeping the letter and spirit of the Second Amendment alive.
It's obvious that the government, with the panting obedience of the news media, is trying to create the myth that militias are made up primarily of dangerous racists who pose an immediate threat to our peace and safety. Unfortunately for them, no militia group has been known to commit the sort of violent acts the government would have us believe they are intent upon. This however, hasn't stopped the government and its media lapdogs from trying to implicate the militia movement in everything from the Oklahoma City bombing to the more recent incident at the Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta. Though in truth the likely perpetrators of these atrocities had closer ties to the police state and NO ties to any militia group.
Consequently, the government's modus operandi has been to infiltrate militia groups with the intention of fomenting the sort of violent action they need to discredit the only organized movement with the ability to thwart its increasing tyranny. A tyranny which, in the Viper case, has gone beyond the trampling of constitutional rights and now includes the sort of propaganda campaign the Nazis leveled at Jews prior to WWII. Make no mistake, it isn't just the Vipers that this propaganda campaign is aimed at - it's the militia movement and the Second Amendment. Top How can I help? "When they came for the Vipers I did nothing
because I wasn't a Viper."

By sending us your most generous contribution today. No amount is too small - or too large. We are currently developing a line of ViperWear(tm) with proceeds to benefit the Vipers' defense.
Send your contributions payable to: Second Amendment is For Everyone (or S.A.F.E. is the proper abbreviation)
10412 N. 8th Ave., #3
Phoenix, AZ 85021

You should write "Viper Defense Fund" on the memo line.

In addition, you can help by spreading the word about the Viper case. Inform others who you think will be interested about the plight of the Vipers. Write to your congressman and indicate your concern about the actions of the ATF and U.S. Attorney Janet Napolitano in trying to portray a dedicated militia group as a terrorist threat. Finally, write letters to the editors of your local news outlets voicing your concern about the government's actions in the Viper case.
Finally, stay tuned to this web site for the latest news on the developments in the Viper case - especially the facts that the "news" media neglect to mention in their reports on the case. Top

Viper News Donna Williams' statement at her sentencing hearing
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