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What Would Jesus Do? Ask Obama The president's troubling use of religion to sell health care re

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Comment by Jefferson Paine
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That illustration! I could barely suppress the gag reflex....

Comment by Lola Flores
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 Waaaaaait a minute!  Are you saying that Obama is using religion to "sell" healthcare?  First, how is that ever possible when he is a Socialist and a Communist?  (Oh, sorry, I forgot that y'all parrots don't really know what those two words mean much less how they conflict with religion...).

Second, if Bush could take the country to war because "god told him to invade Iraq," what's wrong with Obama using religion to "sell" something that is only going to be for the benefit of god's sheep? 

I think the moral of this should be:  that's what y'all get for being stupid and believing in invisible things.  See how they can all be used against you, to brainwash you, manipulate you, scare you, use you, milk you dry, etc. etc.?

Really, you idiots, get a brain!

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