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Judge loots Octo-Mom's parental Rights and her wallet

• Reuters
A judge ruled an advocacy group for child actors can seek to have a guardian appointed to oversee the financial interests for the octuplets of Nadya Suleman, dubbed “Octo-Mom,” in connection with a television show about the family.

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Comment by Found Zero
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Oh well, here's an example of dialectical materialism gone unrequited. I was sure we had a couple of trolls here so I put up a symmetrically-opposed argument to us showing up at Obama appearences with guns, but couched it behing an attack on Octomom, thereby to draw out the full factions of leftists.

Well, the lack of response proves my failure. Not a single taker. Not even Little Red.

To make these forums more interactive and conducive to opposition readers we must all make an attempt to argue with each other.

Comment by Found Zero
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Here's an example of someone doing their best to get all our rights lost.

This woman has pursued child-rearing like a Madison Ave publicity stunt. Practically BEGGING for any kind of intervention--public or private--and staying in the media spotlight.

Her competency is very much in question for me. She's making her kids her source of income. Given as the courts rule that "society has a legitimate interest in how you raise your child" there was no question that court action would usurp the rights of parents.

This is no consequence to Octomom. She wants the attention and the money as much as the court does.

Maybe she figures there will be plenty to share around.