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Police drop charges against ROTC student arrested in Preserve


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Comment by Ed Price
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Come on. The reason the kid was charged is because it was a TOY gun. That's all. Toy guns suggest a threat. Real guns are upheld by right and law. 

Comment by Found Zero
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Friends, I've given a lot of thought to this matter as I'm sure you have. That's why, at considerable expense, I come to you now for your generous donation to

Your contribution will go to the many fine men and women in uniform that keep our streets safe from toy guns each and every day. Plus if you act now, you will recieve a specially de-militarized toy gun, sactioned by the Phoenix Police Department, mounted on a wall plack and inscribed with a special message from your own Sheriff Joe "Nickel Bag" Arpaio.

Yours to own and enjoy, this specifically demilitarized version of a toy gun comes with a special certificate of authenticity from Sheriff Joe stating "Don't mess with my posse" so you are totally sano.

Don't wait! Operators are standing by!

Comment by Found Zero
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Yup, see this is why I don't draw from the hip (haw haw). It takes me a while to wash things around.

The real threat is these guys with toy guns. The media doesn't know which way to distort it. It's going to screw up both ends of the spectrum.

Think how much it would totally suck if everybody, and I mean everybody started showing up at Obama rallies with toy guns. If the liberals did it, it would piss uss off. If we did it, well they are already pissed off and they can't tell the difference between a toy gun and an "assault rifle" anyways. The cops, well, how much worse could it get for them anyways? We're all a bunch of loons. You should see us on camera. Oh wait you have.

Sorry I was being ironic this whole way, you knew it. My point is that this open brandishing of toy guns is really screwing with the polemic and it needs to be outlawed now. It's essential to the serious debate.


Comment by Found Zero
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You know, the more I think about it, this is all making sense.

Open carry is only respected in Arizona when within 500 yards of a president and with lots of media attention.

After all, after the arresting officers determined it was a toy gun and after they established this young man's identity and after they determined there was no threat, they arrested him and pressed charges.

Perhaps we should invite president Obama back more often so we can exercise our rights.

Comment by Found Zero
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 Man I just got my son to help burn all the camo gear and BB buns and Airsoft rifles, counting on these to be extremely damning evidence against whatever and now I gotta go buy that crap again?

The kid was in tears. And that crap costs money.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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I don't think police are authorized to drop charges in Arizona.  Only the prosecutor or a judge can do that.  Am I wrong?

So Chris, you saved this guy's military career. 

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