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Travel Icon Says He'll Avoid Arizona Because of Gun Laws

• Fox News

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Comment by Ed Price
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James A. Michener books are way more fun to read than Frommer guides, anyway. 

Comment by Rocky Frisco
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Let him vacation in Massachusetts.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Haven't learned about have we? 

Comment by Rainy Day
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Maybe he should consider moving to Lybia and staying with Gadhafi.


Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Who cares????

Comment by david fletcher
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wow, does he wont come to arizona, what a loss.  fine by me, we dont need him.  and might i add?  what about new hampshire?  they carry guns to protests... but...?  and if you ask the Brady campaign, there are 14 states ranked lower than az in their gun control regulations and efforts.  maybe he wont be visiting them either.  and as far as i can tell he lives in new york, ranked 6 by the bradys, where there is probly a lot more gun related crime, and illegal gun ownership.

Comment by Found Zero
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It's not just guns, it's also toy guns now.

Boys, what we got here is a failure to communicate. If people are afraid of libertarians, next thing you know they will be threatened by homosexuals.

Fortunately we know how to play this game and head it off at the pass. But for once I'd like to see the leadership really come from the top-down, from the Capitol L Libertarians led by none other than John McCain.

Because after all, he was such a good buddy of Ronald Reagan, that paragon of freedom who liberated a few hundred thousand Central and South Americans of their lives.

Yup, I want to see McCain dressed as a cheerleader with really sexy makeup twirling pom-poms under the bright lights of Cardinal Stadium with every single non-RP republican voter out there strutting their stuff, showing some leg, in general being the prostitutes they are.

Now I don't mean to say we'll be left out. Somebody has to Youtube it.

We'll show the world there's nothing wrong with Arizona by the world's own terms this time.

Look mom, no guns!

Comment by Chip Saunders
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 What hypocrisy!

Ever read one of Frommer's guides on Israel? He mentions in there that you need not fear all the assault rifles and machineguns the locals take with them wherever they go, and how its perfectly normal there to see citizens shopping in the grocery store with their Uzi slung on their shoulder. And he's right, of course.

But oh lawdie,...a few Arizonans do that and the sky is falling!!

Who cares what he says, anyway. Until this "news" about his proposed boycot, I thought he was just a fictional character in that movie, "EuroTrip".

Comment by Brock Lorber
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