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While We’re At It, Your Fridge Is Also a Piece of Junk

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Comment by Lola Flores
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 Great news!  I need one of each of those.  How about toasters?  Stoves?  Microwaves?  Blenders?  Hair dryers?  Vibrators?  I can use rebates for all the above...

Comment by Rocky Frisco
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Will the new fridges automatically report their contents to the federal government, along with all kitchen conversations?

Your appliances are watching you.

Comment by Found Zero
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Shadrack: I am not too sure about this Oyate guy.

Meshack: You are the one who invited him over. What do you think Obendago?

Obendago: My name is Obed-Nago, why can't you guys get that right?

Comment by Found Zero
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Yep, it used to be we'd move kids out of the house if they didn't take responsibility.

This time I guess we'll just move in with them.

Comment by Found Zero
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OK I am totally going with the headlines tonight. To hell with the facts and substantive data.

You slimy, sleezy, vindictive pissants. My fridge is half the size yours is but costs twice or three times as much. My fridge burns half or a quarter of the energy and I can run it on 12 volt, 110 volt, propane, alcohol or a goddamn candle if I have to.

I mean that takes nerve. You realize my fridge and hot water heater are worth as much in parts as my whole house? Way to make a working man feel good you bunch office-working, pencil-pushing, sit-in-a-chair government pudding suckers.

Well that's about it. I've had it. Whoever got cash for a clunker, I own part of that car and I get to drive it whenever I want.

You take cash for your old fridge? I'll be over with the meatloaf leftovers later and I'll be using your microwave.

As soon as they got your cash for your old washer and dryer, I prefer unscented detergant, thanks very much and I'm looking forward to cash for your old mattress because mine is getting kind of lumpy and besides, you guys got cable.

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