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Making a point at gunpoint


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Comment by Rocky Frisco
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If "a life" is so important to these foul hypocrites, then what about the hundreds of thousands of lives destroyed by the statist warmongers they love so well?

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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"a Web site devoted to conspiracy theories and other assorted issues"

This is exactly what one would expect from The Hearst Corporation!  Talkin' out their butts.  They even have the NERVE to talk about "the fringe populated and stoked by those like Hal Turner, an Internet radio host who espouses white supremacist views, sells nooses on his Web site, and was recently arrested after the FBI says he wrote on his blog that three appellate judges "deserve to be killed" for ruling against the National Rifle Association on the issue of handgun bans."  Anyone reading The R3VOLUTION CONTINUES Edition of Freedom's Phoenix well knows that Hal Turner has been OUTED as an FBI-Trained instigator trying to arouse the peace-loving Grassroots to violence!

"His job was basically to publish information which would cause other parties to act in a manner which would lead to their arrest," Orozco said. 

Read it for yourself.

One more thing... did you notice that whoever wrote this 'go along with tyranny for everyone's good'  statement didn't even put his or her name on it?

Their goal was plainly stated at the end - "no longer bring guns into public places" - for whatever reason they choose on any given day.

Don't buy into the fearmongering!  I'm suprised only by the fact the 'article' didn't include the phrase "...for the children."

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