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Pastor Steven Anderson Prays for President Barack Obama's Death

• Feathered Bastard Phoenix New Times

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Comment by scott k
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When I saw your youtube video from my home in portland, oregon over a year ago my friends and I organized a letter writing campaign to call for national attention to your horrible situation. We felt horrible for you. We wrote every elected official surrounding Tempe and Phoenix as well. I'm a god-fearing and god-loving baptist and I just read on and verified it on other sites how you used the word faggot in sermon, and in another one you said how you prayed for President Obama to die? Please tell me this isn't true? If it is, I just pray for your soul because hatred is not the teaching of God, God is about Grace and love as well as the word. God bless your soul and I hope more horrible things really do not happen to you because you seem to be someone that invites evil, hate, and violence into your world and I just pray that nothing really bad happens. You really had a huge team of people on your side for a while. I'm very saddened by this. Take Care and I pray you come to know the real Jesus Christ and the Lord. Scott Kemp  

Comment by Walter Crockran
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 As a Christian you don't pray for anyones death, you pray that they give their life to Christ.  President Obama didn't make this mess it was already made when he got into office by the person that is labeled as a man of GOD Pres. Bush.  You have to pray that both men are saved and don't go to hell.  You also have to be careful for what you pray for, and GOD never hated but this pastor does, he needs to step down immediately.

Comment by James Radcliffe
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I too pray for Obamanation's death. I hope it is a painful and tortuous death. I also pray for the death of his DOG whoring wife, who evidently could not be proud to be an American until her mamzer husband was CHOSEN as President.

I don't care what the communist and socialists say about me. They are not even human beings in my definition. I also pray for a horrible and torturous death for them too.

You are absolutely correct Pastor Anderson, but not only for the reason of Obamanation's pro-child murdering stance, but for every principle that animal has stated he believes in. He is a disgusting creature of pure evil.

Comment by Charles Gillespie
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You know, it’s a funny thing the way the wierdo’s come crawling out from under the bed ‘in the name of ANYTHING’ in order to cast evil sentiment upon righteous men. With my children, we make up 4 generations of Arizona citizenry and from ancestry to my youngest we all understood what the Bible taught in relation to sexuality, freedom of speech and our rights to peace and privacy among many other lessons.

How one person feels they hold the keys to solid Biblical teachings to another’s ‘freak’ like perception, (and I’m NOT referring to the Pastor on either of these positions) amazes me…and I have been trying to understand this pendulum my whole life!!!

The teachings of Jesus are clearly ‘turn the other cheek’ on most issues, but he wasn’t so happy with the evil within rank of neither Pharisees nor the money changers who sat on Holy Temple grounds.  I believe Pastor Steve has every right to preach from the Bible with religious fervor on the sentiment of EVERY SINGLE SCRIPTURE, new or Old Testament. To pretend that the Bible stands alone with just the teachings of Jesus and his Apostles is blasphemy at best and complete hooey in the very least.  

Persons opposed to equal rights to gays and lesbians often point out that "God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve." The obvious reason why God made the first two humans as heterosexuals is that he was interested in them creating an entire human race, now totaling 6 billion descendents. If he had created two gays, humanity would not have started. 

I refer to our beloved ‘H. Ruth’, a person so capitulated with fear that ‘putting it out there’ might incur the retribution they are so bent on dispensing to the rest of us. To me; “H” is for ‘Heaven’, but sometimes should be used for ‘hell’…because anyone who so desperately and obviously would seek to destroy a man of God deserves some of the Almighty’s attention in either direction..but that is up to Him.

Let’s all PRAY for “H” to find (he/she?) ‘its’ testimony before the Creator and dissolve within the context of ‘its’ own mind a rational that is better served to more ‘like its’ than to copious minded and at peace readers here on this EXCEPTIONALLY FREE SPIRITED website.

I’m glad there is room for people like you at the table "H"; perhaps you wield the capacity to sit quietly at the Master’s Table and LEARN something about yourself…or are you the ‘other kind’ that prefers to spew vile and vinegar on everything and call it ‘sweet’ by another name?

My guess is that your self-projection is really a cry out from inside of your very own closet that needs the most attention.  It’s alright ‘H’, come out of the closet. No one will judge you here as long as you are honest with yourself as well as the rest of us.

Blessings to the Peacekeepers!

Comment by H Ruth
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I think Steve Knows the jig is up and wants to be stopped. I think he knows he went way out there and the whole thing is getting too much for him. Why would he jeopardize his family's safety like that, or his congregants? didn't he think that a zealot from the other side may try and hunt HIM or his family down by spouting off like that?
Comment by Marriam Dubney
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"Praying" for anything is not illegal.  I'm not even an atheist and yet I staunchly believe in anyone's right to "pray." I also know enough our Constitution well enough to know that "praying" is the caveat to all statements so use it whenever it's for your advantage. Everyone does it and it's not illegal. I will keep Pastor Anderson and his family in my thoughts. He has a right to pray and carry arms, because constitutionally, "he can," which is true. How many more rights will be stripped away? If I have to hide under the cloak of religion, I will.

Comment by Gary L
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 I'm a christian and as a christian I have learned by the new testament which teaches us to pray for everyone including our enemines. So these far right religious 'freaks' like Steven Anderson (I can't call him a pastor because of his fowl teachings), want to do nothing but bring attention to themselves and the only way to do so is create chaos. He might think he's whithin his 1st Ammendment rights but he clearly hasn't read the law pertaining to threats upon the President. I hope no one in his congregation literally acts upon his teachings of hate and death. There is a section in the law that refers to 'incite' which is exactly what he is doing. I hope he stops and goes back to the teachings of Jesus Christ because clearly he is not. The Baptist Governing body needs to revoke his charter. Steven Anderson, we 'real' christians will pray for you.

Comment by Renee Houlihan
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So what if he does prays for the death of a despot.  If you knew anything about Obama and his plans for you and your family maybe you would pray the same prayer.  Don't you get what's going on??  At least he does not take the law into his own hands but appeals to God for justice.

I actually would love for ALL those how are plotting evil and destruction on humanity to be taken off this earth and get what’s coming for them.  It’s called JUSTICE!!!!!  Oh and the good news is that one day they will get just that.


Comment by David Forty
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Praying for Obama's death is a prayer I can give an Amen to. Throughout Biblical history the faithful have always prayed for the destruction of their enemies and the enemies of God. Socialists, Communists, Marxists all represent the government of Satan, and are Gods enemies. Therefore they are my enemies, and I pray God strike them all down.

Comment by Robert B
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 So in you're thinking a pastor that abortion on demand that Obama supports is wrong should pray for Obama's success? I would suspect you laughed about this preahcer getting physically assaulted? Did you pray that he gets assaulted again because he won't pray for abortion supporters success?

Maybe the police at some checkpoint will assault you without cause and then you might understand but then again maybe someone prayed that you would get assaulted at some polcie check point!

You socialists make me laugh because you know ZIP about American History because if you did you would look in to the pastors sermons that were sent to King George before the American Revolutionary war. In fact pastors have always been preaching against the wrongs of political leaders and in fact praying against their success of those leaders that they do not achieve their goals!

Then again you might actually have to do some reading to understand that!

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