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CIA pushed limits on sleep deprivation

• AP
CIA operatives used severe sleep deprivation tactics against a terror detainee in late 2007, keeping him awake for six straight days with permission from government lawyers. [M.D.'s helping?]

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Comment by Ed Price
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True freedom can only be found in anarchy. 

Government uses its freedom to torture people who cannot defend themselves. 

Next week it may be the torturers who are tortured. 

When you join a group for mutual protection, you are really limiting your freedom according to the requirements of the group. 

You can only trust other members of the group, or the group as a whole, because you don't know for a fact what the group or its members will do next. 

Yet, never broken trust over a long period of time can be a strong fortress. Which Government official has not broken his trust in the last week? 

Even Ron Paul must negotiate away his trust among the people somewhat just to remain in a position where he can do some good. 

Seems like government is a figment of the imagination. Is there a nation? or is it an image-nation - imagination? 

What eaxactly is it that you pledge allegience to