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Nation's Unemployment Outlook Improves Drastically After Fifth Beer

• The Onion
Despite ongoing economic woes and a jobless rate that has been approaching 10 percent, U.S. unemployment projections drastically improved Monday after the consumption of five beers. "It's going up," leading economist David Singleton said confidently, indicating the predicted growth in jobs with an upward wave of a Bud Light bottle. "All the way up. By the end of the month. No problem." Singleton said the economy would begin its rebound once employers realized that there were many currently unemployed skilled laborers across the country who would "bust their asses" in a number of growing fields. "Whether it's manufacturing, finance, hospitality, or manufacturing, these dudes trying to reenter the workforce right now have awesome skill sets and, most of all, they really deserve it," he said. "They're great, great guys. All of them." According to analysts, both long- and short-term forecasts showed signs of reco

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Comment by Anonymous
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lol and Mutual of Omaha is out of Holland now.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Five beers!  I didn't realize it had gotten that bad.  It was only three and a half under Bush.

Say have you tried that new Belgian beer, Budweiser?