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School kid pummeled by cop for refusing to get school picture


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Comment by Ronald Whittaker
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 Aren,t these the same people who arrest parents who are accused of child abuse, a lot of times on unsubstansiated grounds and now they reserve the right to clobber little kids themselves? I,ve become disgusted with law enforcement today. There were always some cops who were bullies but they were seen as the bad apples as opposed to the department overall. But today, it,s as if the newer generations of cops are being encouraged to be brutal and overbearing with little oversight or discipline from their departments. I am beginning to think that this is by design.

Comment by Rusty Shackleford
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I'm going to go out on a limb here......


I didn't see any mention of a father around so my solution may not work for this case.


But If I was the girls father, I would go up to that cop....and Kick Her Ass!!....I tell ya' what!


Life was a lot more civilized before lawyers and lawsuits.



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