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Pittsburgh City Council Mulls Assault Weapons Ban For G-20


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Comment by Anonymous
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Well Lucky,

About the only reasons someone would 'NEED' an assault weapon would be to defend the country, or if someone were trying to kill, rape, mutilate or kidnap them.  However, there are many legitimate reasons why someone would 'WANT' an assault weapon. 

Comment by Lola Flores
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 Really, people, why the fuck would anyone need an assault weapon, unless, of course you are planning a terrorist attack or you are a member of Blackwater?  Truly, has common sense just gone out the window with y'all?

Comment by Charles Hallam
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Can er so questions about this article for me?

1) I'm pretty sure that no one that has a Class III license will be showing up with an assult right , right?

2)"assault" rifle is defined as any weapon that shoots more than ONE bullet with each pull of the trigger. If you bring a AR15 or AK-47 or SKS that shoots only SEMI AUTOMATIC (meaning that every time you pull the trigger, it shoots off exactly ONE round), then why are these morons trying to dupe people into believing that these weapons are "assault" weapons?

3) why do "authorities" get to pack the automatic heat and American citizens can't. Is that not a double standard?

 I got an idea. Why don't all American citizens just turn in ALL firearms, ammo, cannons,knives,rocks,matches,lighters,all liquid/gas/solid flammables,etc; then tie their hands behind their backs and just throw in the towel and let the Communist goverment just take over !!!!!

 It makes one wonder when the 2nd Rev is gonna begin.

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