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Natural Geographic CONSPIRACY VS. SCIENCE 8/31/09

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Comment by Paulthecabdriver Farah
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Well, National Geographic has debunked the 9/11 conspiracy theories!  I can sleep soundly now knowing that our government has found the culprits, and captured them and jailed them!  I can also thank all of Congress for not letting this incident, horrific as it was, to be escalated way out of proportion!  Who knows what kinds of liberties we would have lost had Congress not shown such restraint!  Who knows how many billions of dollars we would have poured down various rat holes in the name of defending ourselves if our government had not acted so prudently!.  And who knows how many thousands would have died at our government's hands had they not shown such foresight!  Thank God for our Congress and the propaganda I mean scientific magazines that support them.

Comment by Don Cline
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  Oh, there's Lucky Red again!  The boiler-room operative who's being paid by the Progressive bunch to heap bile and ridicule on anyone who posts in favor of the United States Constitution, in favor of a President proving that he is eligible by birth and citizenship to be President, and in favor of our inherited and unalienable right to keep and bear arms -- ultimately for the purpose of protecting us from Progressives who consistently demand that we give up all rights and let them take care of us ... THEIR way.  Sorry, Lucky Red -- you have been outed.  (Check that; I am not sorry.)

Comment by Lola Flores
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 Oh, bruther!  National Geographic dared cross the Right Wing Wackadoodles so now it's open season on them!

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