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Kyrsten Sinema speaks at the recent Organizing America Health Reform

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Yes she does Jim, and thank you.  Corrected.  That explains why I couldn't find any of the pictures I have of her in my photo file, and why Google Images returned only one decent hit.  I should have known better...and you would think her fan who posted it would too. 

Comment by Found Zero
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Now shall we show up at her gatherings with guns strapped and intimidate her?

Wells, now that the national spotlight is off and we made out point, and since Kristen listens, and she is Arizona after all, boys, it's incumbent upon us to give some pay back.

If we have to show up at town hall meetings packing firearms to defend the liberals' right to speak openly, let us do so and let's make an extra effort to make Rep. Sinema feel at home.

You boys know what I'm talking about. Make sure her coming in and her going out is snug as a bug in a rug. You gals make some of those special brownies. Everybody likes those.

Comment by Found Zero
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She's  well known to us.

When pressed upon Real ID initiatives, she replied in the most sanitary way. When pressed upon firearm rights she replied in the most sanitary way, leaving a noted rep from a noted past to talk about border control in terms of how he liked to get his cowboy boots for cheap across the border. And this noteable speaker wan't even wearing his cowboy boots that day. Come to think of it, he didn't show up in a cowboy hat and he didn't wear a cowboy belt ner buckle.

Leads one to wonder if our reps don't show up wearing what they normally wear to official functions.

Wells I'm not especially calling out Kristen Sinema because she has a brain and she's capable of listening. The other side of this coin is this guy from the South who buys his boots in Mexico and I wish I could say he's all hat and no cattle but this man ain't even got no hat ner no cattle.

And we ain't seen him wear his boots yet but we bet they sure are fancy.

Comment by Jim Roddick
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She didn't answer anything I'm concerned about.... 

BTW: She spells her first name Kyrsten

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