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Igor Panarin: U.S. to Breakup in 2010

• The Wall Street Journal

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Comment by Ben Estes
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Whether the US will fall apart due to a civil war or we fall and become part of a global government, it is only our destiny to do descrease in power and allow for another world power to emerge in the world scene. What Igor Panarin fails to understand is that the next world power to  emerge in the world scene is the Antichrist government of the European Union. So don't be fooled by Igor's prediction that Russia will be the next world power. The European Union will become the next world power. And unfortunately its elected president will be worse than any tyrannt you can ever imagine, even worse than Adolf Hitler. This tyrannt will cause every individual to worship him as god and cause every everyone to receive a mark to buy and sell and he even goes such as far as to place his figure in Jerusalem's third temple (Dan. 9:27;12:11; Matthew 25:15). He will persecute Israel to such an extent as to bring her down by military force (Dan. 9:26). When this happens, you will witness the greatest event to ever happen. If you want to know what will happen, read Revelation 19:19-21.

Comment by Mike Renzulli
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 I apologize as you are right. I missed the 2008 date. However, Panarin made some recent comments that the U.S. would break up and Obama would be the cause of it.

Comment by Don Wills
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Argh. This is an old article - IT'S NOT NEWS! The WSJ article is from 2008.

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