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Obama Speaks to Your Kids (If they are captive in his schools)

• John Birch Society
I wouldn't send my child to school on September 8, unless I had a strong death wish for America. On September 8, President Obama will be broadcasting a prepared speech to every school child, grades K-12, in America. On September 8, Obama the Change Agent begins his takeover of the schools…but not with my child, and hopefully not with yours.

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Comment by Michele Power
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 I'd like to have the opportunity to watch it with my kids so that I can talk to them about it.  I can't decide if I want to keep them home that day, show up to one of their schools, or send them to school wearing their "NObama" and "Obama Nation?/Abomination!" shirts.  (Thanks, Dan.  My kids love those, btw; my son wears his just about every week.)

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Good point Trouser. 

Never thought I would make that sentence in my lifetime. 

Comment by Trouser Chili
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I don't know.  This could be quite the educational opportunity.

The child gets the indoctrination at school, then you give him/her the REAL lesson at home.  Watch the speech again and sort the propaganda from the truth (if there is any) right there with them.