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Guns and Roses

• Justin Raimondo

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Comment by Freed Radical
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 Raimondo is a compromising weenis. He supported neo-con Bob Barr to be the presidential nominee of the Libertarian Party at the 2008 convention over real libertarians like Mary Ruwart. Yeah, Justin--Libertarians should unite behind a former federal persecutor who continually voted for the Iraq War and the Drug War just because he has more name recognition in the lamestream media. If that's your idea of an effective way to win people over to the libertarian message, you are smoking crack. The Libertarian Party is dead, and the real libertarians have moved on.

Eric New
Comment by Paul Zimmerman
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There are as many kinds and variations of libertarian as there are of Christians.  The coastal, cosmopolitan libertarians are the Episcopalians of the movement and they're embarassed by the antics of their Holy-roller country cousins.


Comment by Found Zero
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I'd make a shorter case: if people are afraid of us then we have a message problem.

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