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Is Russia setting the stage for a nuclear apocalypse?

• Northeast Intelligence

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Comment by Dan Moore
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The person who wrote the other comment is an idiot if not a plant himself. Russia is behind every strategic or regional crisis on this earth: Iran, Syria/Lebanon, Iraq, HAMAS/Hezbollah/Fatah, North Korea, Venezuela - these aren't opinions, these are facts verifiable every single news-week of the year for the past 8 years. If anything, this story is a provocation by Russian secret service (SVR or GRU). Russia is trying to induce a major regional crisis in the Middle East, focused in Iran, to which the USA must respond with a major commitment of resources. Then when we have become embroiled, as we are in Iraq and Afghanistan, it will be easy for Russia and its allies or even not their allies - Democrat domestic political opposition, for example - to do great political damage to the USA. Second of all, oil prices will go up, the USA will be too spread out to resist Russian advances into Georgia and Ukraine to (1) reform the Western and Southwestern base of its "near abroad," and (2) recapture direct control over the massive Ukraine oil infrastructure delivery circuit (Ukraine had be the main junction for Soviet oil delivery to Western Europe). Pay no attention to the other idiot. If it was a CIA op, it was to expose yet another of Russia's attempts to build up and enemy of the USA and force us to respond while the useful idiots predictably wail and wail and we have a blatantly anti-war "community organizer" as US president who will be unable to credibly exert military leadership. Russia has been counting on this and will not forgo this great opportunity.

Comment by Robert B
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 Hmmmmm. Seems like a bunch of bullshit to me because If Russia wanted to deliver cruise missles to Iran, they would just load them up on the 1 of many very large military transport planes and fly them straight in to Iran. Furthmore it a type of story that the US intelligence services, namely the CIA would plant with the news services to stir up trouble. The US and Israel wants in the east europe region and I think would do anything to achieve that goal and that includes out right lying about what Russia is doing all the while the US doing exactly the same thing they would blame Russia for. I think the niave folks at NorthEast Intelligence Network should wake up and smell the coffee but then again i think i understand your agenda quiet well and its likely intentional. Because lest we forget that Sibel Edmonds mentioned the Israeli influences in this business of corrupting US political figures. By the way Israel constantly spys and helps buy political capital by the same methods the Turkish lobby does and guess what, the Turks and Israeli mossad have had long standing intelligence connections for a long time.

All this article does is try to make it seem The great evil Russia is trying to start some type of military confrontation when its the US their very few allies, including Israel who have been busy trying to stir up war. This article also plays right in to the US military industrial complex, US and Eurpoean banking houses for a good excuse to indebt the US even more so than we already are for more never ending wars!

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