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Banks to the Children (via Obama): Stay in School, Pay 'Your' Debt

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Comment by Tom Westbrook
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The message is subliminal. They may not pay attention, but they will go away thinking they must stay in school to be successful. Forget all ideas presented by their parents to take over family business, farming, welding, pluming, etc.

When I got out of college I found that the kids my age who got into construction and later became entrepreneurs where making double, or triple what I was making and probably paying a lot less taxes (no W2). 



Comment by Found Zero
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No way. I was waiting for this to be a farce.

OK look, I dunno about your kids but most of the kids I know will tune out in about 5 seconds and all they'll hear is "bla bla bla bla bla".

Jeez, they call Obama a parent? Our simple, short message to the kids, driven in by endless repetition is "don't believe everything they tell you".

We'll send in the 12 and 15 year old for this one and I'll exit-interview them extensively. I bet you anything when I ask them what was said, 12 will shrug say "I dunno" and 15 will tell me (softly so the gals can't hear) "it was total bullshit".

Comment by Powell Gammill
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"Stay in School, Pay 'Your' Debt"

Now I don't have to bother reading Obama's drivel.  Thanks for the summation, Tom.

Comment by Anonymous
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lol Exactly

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