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SC Congressman Joe Wilson Calls Obama A Liar During Speech (Watch now... deleting)

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Oh, boy!   

Now the media is elated that the GOP oaf has united the Jackass' behind their president to pass this health care bill.  Think they have forgotten their reception in the town halls already?

"Get a rope."

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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We`re on a role now...look at how many of our leaders stood up and told the truth....ONE!

Lets keep up the momentum...I know we can get ONE more...maybe!

Comment by Jet Lacey
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Oh get off of it Scott!  I wish you'd quit goin' about prattling on like some arsey  plonker, gettin' into people's business like back scuttle.  Quit beatin' your bishop and kindly bugger off!  You're making the missus cold and the lads are gonna be callin' the ol' girl a peanut smuggler. 

Now clear off ya Ponce!

Comment by Richard Stone
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 Three cheers to the man with the biggest brass balls in congress. I wish I could vote in South Carolina, you are the man !

Comment by Anonymous
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Yes, Joe Wilson was a real class act tonight. Last time I looked the US Congress was not the English Parliament.

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