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Health negotiators focus on illegal immigrants

• Breitbart

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Comment by John Granath
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 Would the advocates of this socialistic scheme for the delivery of health care to the CITIZENS of the USA, please quote the Article in the US Constitution that mandates the Federal Government (or, government at ANY level), to assume responsibility for delivering health care?  And, while they are at it;  please  quote the Constitutional authority that mandates that every citizen be REQUIRED to pay of an insurance plan by with holiing, taxes or fines? 

And, the ultimate question to put to EACH Senator and Congressperson:  "Why, if this plan is SO good for US, do you SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDE members of Congress and the Federal Employees of other branches of the government?

Those who vote AYE on this fiasco of legislation should be voted out of office for failure  -- as fiduciary agents elected by their constituents, to serve them in THEIR best  interests rather than in their own

Comment by Powell Gammill
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I could care less about illegal immigrants getting Obamacare.  I don't want it.  That is the issue.

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