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Rep. Joe Wilson Voted for Federal Funds To Provide Healthcare For Illegal Immigrants in 2003.

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Comment by Rusty Shackleford
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What he voted for was a bill that would reimburse those hospitals for treating Illegal Aliens.....This funds the Federal Mandate (law) that requires hospitals to treat Illegal Aliens....Because of the mandate EMTALA


"84 California hospital are closing their doors forever" (March 23, 2005)


Sure, blame him for trying to help keep emergency rooms open for American citizens.


I can see treating them, but if they can not pay, no insurance, have no proper ID, or can provide collateral for the treatment....why should the hospital be footing the bill????


In my world: Any business (Hospital) that provides a service should be paid! They should not continually roll over and look the other way (or pass the cost on to you and me).


If you go into a restaurant, order… and eat the meal....Then can't pay for it, the owner of the restaurant will call the cops and arrest the person stealing the service. This should also be the case for those that go into an ER and do not and have no intension to pay for that service.


If the person doesn’t have the means or a way to set up credit with the hospital (legitimate ID, and other things normally used to secure credit) so the hospital can work out a payment plan...the cops should be called and if they are found to be IAs, turn them over to ICE. That way they won't be back to use the ER as their free, primary doctor.


What we need to do is stop funding the illegal alien...and deport all the dead beats that expect a free lunch.


To bring this up about Joe Wilson, in the context of this story is disingenuous and shows a lack of credibility…..


Actually it sounds like the writer’s agenda is that of being “pro illegal alien”…am I correct?



Comment by TL Winslow
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Don't blame Wilson for not being able to one way and not being able to go another when it comes to the U.S.-Mexico problem, because there will never be any solution short of incorporating Mexico as part of the U.S., allowing all 414M Americans to finally accept each others' existence and share the New World in peace sans racism to solve our health care, economic, security and other problemos. 

Click and read my Megamerge Dissolution Solution proposal, where I show how and why it can be done now.

Comment by Trouser Chili
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Doesn't surprise me.  I'll bet he never even read the bill.  Except for one, all of these traitors will vote for whatever they are told to vote for.

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