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MRI Brain Scans Can Solve Eternal Social Problem of Freeloading

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Comment by Chip Saunders
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 But they didn't even PROVE anything, except that bribing still works...


"The Cal Tech researchers measured the brain patterns of volunteers asked to role-play just that kind of scenario. The scans helped the researchers determine whether or not the participants were lying when they said how much they valued a hypothetical service. Those who told the truth about how much they valued the service got to pay less to receive the service (in this case, an actual cash payout). Those who weren't honest got less money.

With the payments proving the accuracy of the MRI at reading people's honesty, almost everyone in the experiment began voting for a fair distribution of the burden for supporting the service."


So, not using proven and accepted lie-detector protocols, they came to determinations about who was being honest. Then, they rewarded those they preferred for acting within accepted boundaries. Big surprise then that those who were treated unfairly by being denied equal treatment then began to conform to observed traits of the favored class. Whoopy do!! If you ask my nieghbor whether he likes Obama, he answers yes, then pay him $500 bucks,...come to my door and ask the same question and I'll say I like Obama too. So what? I still hate the cocksucker. What changed?

Comment by Anonymous
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Proponent of this mental scam is the one that needs an MRI brain scan to find out if she/he ought to live in an asylum.  If this weird dysfunctional thinking is scientifically established due to brain damage, our capitalist society pays for this patient’s care in a state sanitarium.  This nitwit pays nothing for this care because no one would want to pay her/his way to a mental institution unless of course this psychologically disabled moron is crazier than Charles Manson. 



It is society that pays for the social cost of that care in whatever form that is. Financially, the patient’s contribution, say in Medicare or private insurance, is far less than the cost of public services we all shoulder which she/he enjoys with the rest who are confined there for a long time, in most cases for a lifetime. 



If the proponent of this MRI Brain Scan social equalizing idea is established through brain scan that she/he is this mental casualty that I just described, the question is – is she/he a freeloader?



Millions are in the same situation that really need help, the kind of aid that draws blood from our pocket through “social legislation”. We have a Christian heart. Atheists called that “Christian weakness”. Those who think that we should just tie them down on the rail and let the train solve the problem of “inequity” between the haves and the have nuts, they are not from this country called the United States of America.



Comment by Ernest Hancock
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I had the same reaction.

Individual human nature is to act and react in what the individual perceives to be in their own self-interest... and it is _this_ human trait that always gets in the way of creating hive drones.

If they (they - them - those that will not leave us alone) can't _change_ us fundamentally (not for lack of trying... Education, Propaganda, Programming, Diet , medication, Vaccinations, Gene Therapy etc.) then they'll weed out the HUMANS.

Comment by Brock Lorber
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You have GOT to be kidding me.  This crap is way out of line.

From the Eurekalert link:

"That incentive to lie is at the heart of the free-rider problem, a fundamental quandary in economics, political science, law, and sociology. It's a problem that professionals in these fields have long assumed has no solution that is both efficient and fair.

"In fact, for decades it's been assumed that there is no way to give people an incentive to be honest about the value they place on public goods while maintaining the fairness of the arrangement.

"'But this result assumed that the group's leadership does not have direct information about people's valuations,' says Rangel. 'That's something that neurotechnology has now made feasible.'"

Economics and law, by definition, do not make "good", "bad", "fair", or "unfair" determinations.  Political science and sociology cease to become "science" or "ology" at the moment they do.  This is complete and utter claptrap.

I predict this paper to be the alien autopsy of Cal Tech research.  I can't wait to read it.

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