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Up to two million march to US Capitol to protest against Obama's spending in 'tea-party'


Up to two million people marched to the U.S. Capitol today, carrying signs with slogans such as "Obamacare makes me sick" as they protested the president's health care plan and what they say is out-of-control spending.

The line of protesters spread across Pennsylvania Avenue for blocks, all the way to the capitol, according to the Washington Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency.

People were chanting "enough, enough" and "We the People." Others yelled "You lie, you lie!" and "Pelosi has to go," referring to California congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.

Demonstrators waved U.S. flags and held signs reading "Go Green Recycle Congress" and "I'm Not Your ATM." Men wore colonial costumes as they listened to speakers who warned of "judgment day" - Election Day 2010.

Richard Brigle, 57, a Vietnam War veteran and former Teamster, came from Michigan. He said health care needs to be reformed - but not according to President Barack Obama's plan.

"My grandkids are going to be paying for this. It's going to cost too much money that we don't have," he said while marching, bracing himself with a wooden cane as he walked.

FreedomWorks Foundation, a conservative organization led by former House of Representatives Majority Leader Dick Armey, organized several groups from across the country for what they billed as a "March on Washington."

Organizers say they built on momentum from the April "tea party" demonstrations held nationwide to protest tax policies, along with growing resentment over the economic stimulus packages and bank bailouts.


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Comment by Morpheus Titania
Entered on:

what is alarming is that we have to get this information from a foreign newspaper

Comment by Charzhome S.
Entered on:

The Daily Mail in the U.K. estimated 1.5 to 2 MILLION.  The mainstream media is worthless.

Comment by Ken Demyen
Entered on:

The estimates range from 60,000 to 2,000,000 depending on the sources.

Comment by Trouser Chili
Entered on:

Funny how all the other copies of this story say "Tens of thousands...."  The single picture in the article clearly shows its way more than tens of thousands.

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