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Sergey Aleynikov Hearing on Sept 16, 2009

Unlike AUSA Facciponti, the SEC wants to know: Why should Goldman Sachs be trusted with market-manipulating software? While the SEC investigation continues, we'll know more about Sergey soon. For the good of America, I hope the Aleynikov prosecution proceeds to trial. Aleynikov will be entitled to put Goldman Sachs' market-manipulating software on trial. We need to keep the public's eye on Wall Street. We need the public, Congress, and the Judiciary to keep an eye on the Department of Justice. Given that the Department of Justice did nothing about Bernie Madoff for years, members of the public as well as federal judges must ask how Goldman Sachs was able to reach the FBI at 3 a.m. to report theft of computer code; and have an arrest 48 hours later. Does Goldman Sachs have a bat phone that connects to the Department of Justice? If DOJ doesn't dismiss the case against Sergey, we might just find out.

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