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To Hell With the Economy!

• Infoshop News / Collin Sick
For several months now, they’ve been telling us that the economy is in crisis. You know who I mean: the politicians, the media pundits, the economic “experts”. I’m not really sure what they’re talking. As far as I could tell, it’s always in crisis. That seemsto be its normal way of operating. And usually that works fine for those up at the top. It’s the rest of us who deal with the consequences.
Well, this time it’s a bit different. It seems some of the big boys have taken a plunge, and they’re scared. So out come the politicians and their media cronies calling on “everyone” to sacrifice to save the collapsing economy. Everyone, that is, except the CEOs of the banks and corporations caught in the plunge. For them, it’s bailouts, or as the silver-tongued hero of the hour, Mr. Obama, prefers to put it, “stimulation packages”. After all, in our politically correct era, we need to show some sensitivity to these victims of their own sleazy practices and stupidity…

But, you know, I say, TO HELL WITH THE ECONOMY! I don’t really buy the predictions of those who say it’s on the verge of collapse. An economy in which crisis is the normal way of functioning doesn’t fall quite that easily But when you see the big boys running scared, you know that it’s tottering like a dizzy drunk who has had one too many… And that, my friends, is the time to push. Because it ain’t gonna fall if it ain’t pushed.

But why would I want it to fall? Because I, for one, am sick and tired of the involuntary sacrifices it imposes on me daily, having to pay in time and money just to get by… And now Obama has the audacity to ask me to voluntarily sacrifice because some big shots screwed up? Not a chance!

Think about it: the politicians and the pundits tell us that this economy is “free enterprise”. But tell me, where’s the freedom when nothing is free, and so you’re forced to sell your life away to get the money to get the things you think you need or want? Where’s the freedom when you have no time or energy left over to actually create some portion of your life as your own? Where’s the freedom when you’re forced to divide your life into portions just to pretend that some bit of it is still your own? And where’s the freedom when those who are enterprising enough to find their own ways to get or create what they need or want for their lives without selling the time of their life away have to face the threat of fines or prison for having the enterprise to act on their own terms? And as to the enterprise of this economy? Just look at how fast Mr. and Ms. Moneybags go running to Big Daddy government for a handout the moment they screw up. And to think, these are the same corporate executives who complain about their tax dollars going to “welfare bums” and who’ll claim that enterprise means self-reliance, not infantile dependence on the governmental teat… Well, so much for their enterprise.

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