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Which group of armed men should we fear?

Touring the country to peddle his collectivist schemes, President Barack Obama made stops in New Hampshire and then in Phoenix during the month of August.

At several of these events, a handful of those who gathered outside the halls to protest wore firearms. No one got arrested, since no one brandished their firearms in a threatening manner. They just wore them, safely slung or holstered, which is still perfectly legal in both New Hampshire and Arizona.
The fact that many Americans need to be re-acclimatized to the normalcy of an armed citizenry was quickly revealed by the nearly hysterical rantings from the Left after the TV cameras picked up fleeting images of these legally owned and carried civilian firearms.

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Comment by J E Andreasen
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Discussion of the events in the major media often included the pro-forma statement that "Well, I support the second amendment, but..." followed by gallons of ankle-pissing at the prospect that armed people might look bad.

Well, this is one of my absolutely biggest pet peeves. The second amendment is EXPRESSLY about intimidating government officials. 

The WHOLE POINT of the Second Amendment is to reserve the right and ability threaten wayward government actors, unambiguously reminding them that their right to act is by AGENCY, from the PEOPLE, and that agency can be REVOKED. 

If need be, government's ability to initiate violence can and will be stopped by VIOLENT resistance from the PEOPLE; up to, and including a complete removal of the entire government; if need be.

Without exception, anyone who both professes to support the Second Amendment and yet does not clearly understand and support its meaning is either an insufferable moron, or is plotting your enslavement or demise.

Comment by Anonymous
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I know who I fear obama! It is no secret for those who actually read the history of Barack Hussein as a U.S. Senator he is against your Second Amendment rights. Both Resident and V.P. slip of the lip Biden are veraciously anti gun, that is in the hands of citizens.They seem however to have no such compunctions against massive spending for the Residents brown shirts. We were told not to worry the resident is not going after your guns another deception? Who is his press secretary anyway Robert Gibbs or tingle down the leg Olbermann I get so confused. Well there is so much going on with the Swine Flu I suppose you would really rather hear more about that but sorry I want to talk about CIFTA. The Inter-American Convention Against Illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in Firearms