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Tea Party at the Arizona State Capitol

• Stephen Lemons in Feathered Bastard
Obama is a Nazi. Obama is a commie. Obama is a pirate. (Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum.) Obama is a socialist. Obama is the Joker from The Dark Night. (You know, Heath Ledger) Yadda-yadda-yadda.
Such was the refrain from the tea party-animals at the Arizona State Capitol this Saturday, which featured a panel of politicos, such as gubernatorial hopeful and State Treasurer Dean Martin, state Senator Russell Pearce, state Representative Carl Seel, state Senator Jack Harper, and state Senator John Huppenthal and Libertarian Congressional candidate Nick Coons.

Actually, the politicians weren't going quite that far, but the anti-Obama rabble certainly was.

Anyway, Broughton asked his Guy Fawkes-mask-bearin', video-takin' buddy "Morpheus" to take a pic of us together. I relented and threw up a peace sign. You never know, maybe they're less likely to shoot me now.

Morpheus gets points for representing his "9/11 was an inside job" wackiness on his sleeve earlier when the Republican panel was taking questions from the audience. When he asked them something about former state Sen. Karen Johnson and her 9/11 troofer insanity, the crowd booed the hell out of him and heckled him incessantly. I know the feeling Morpheus.
The feathered bastard did confirm that he would be on the Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock for Wednesday on 9/16/09

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Comment by Mel Mason
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Brainwashed !

... These people have given up the practice of rational thinking to allowing the media inject them with lies.


Comment by Corey Mondello
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I wonder why no one but those on the "Left" stood up and pointed out whenever the Bush administration raped American's of their civil rights....oh bad...its only okay when the "Right" attacks the lefts and murders supporters of the Constitution.

 Seems the "Right" only wants to "take back their country" when a Democrat is in the White House.

 Well, I say to them, what they said to me when I wanted to discuss the Bush administration: 


I would then tell them I couldn't wait until a Democrat was in the White House next, so I can hear them whine and complain about the dictatorship and fascism that the presidential administration has put into place. I also stated that, I would support whichever Democrat was President, just to make sure they get away with all the anti-American things the Bush administration did.

Blame Bush is you think Obama is acting like a king...Bush allowed it, made precedent for it, so ALL future presidents will wield the same, if not MORE power.

Oh, by the way, I DID NOT vote for Obama and I am NOT a Democrat.

 I am the "Rights" worse enemy;

I support public schools and libraries, education for returning soldiers, and their health care, proper life-saving armor and vehicles for soldiers in war zones, assistance for the disabled, fire men/woman saving lives, police officers protecting those in need, keeping public roads in good driving condition, standards that car builders must have in place to protect those who drive their cars/trucks/boat/bikes, public busses that help the carless get to work/school/church, and help for the elderly when their retirement/pension doesn't cover the cost of living...that is just to name a few.

Do you know what I am?

I am an American!

"We the People" = Socialism


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Comment by Corey Mondello
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Comment by Billy Mills
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Barak Hussein Mohammed Obama and George Soros are from the Pits of Hell. They are the Most, for now, the Most Evil People on Earth.  His Tribe in Africa know what they are capable of, Robbery, Murder,  persecute their own relatives.

They don't care anything about the Human Race wherever they are, but it's catching up with them. Rev. Wright was Warning us, His chickens are coming home to roost. 

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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hhahahaha TESLA kicks azz.

Feathered bastard: Are you afraid of Obama?

Tesla: Yea I'm afraid of him.... I'm afraid he is going to take my money!


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