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"Billionaires for Wealth Reform" totally upstage unfocused 9-12 protesters in Washington

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Comment by Max Woody Media-ocre Mogul
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By reading  the comments here its obvious that the Billionares for WEALTH reform  protestors video goes completely over most "Tea baggers" heads this is the very thing that the "TEA BAGGERS" and anyone that is against health care reform are supporting. More big profits for private companies, claim denial as standard procedure and a net net value on your bottom line life or pre existing conditions. In reality this is what you are supporting and yelling about at the town halls...So I will laugh along with you as you laugh at yourself and how ridiculous all the "Tea Baggers" look to most of the country..This bill will pass with flying colors with this type of mis directed anger..

Comment by Freed Radical
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Yeah--We've seen these idiot communists protesting in Phoenix too. The only health care "reform" needed is to allow Americans to buy insurance across state lines and some serious tort reform (like "loser pays") to get rid of the trial lawyers' bonanza in scamming Americans. But your savior Obama won't do that to those crooked lawyers who got him elected... Eric New 

Comment by Found Zero
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Reminds me of  a group from some years back: Billionaires For Bush Or Gore.

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