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Eight Years Ago... Or Was It 230?

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Just eight short years ago a handful of madmen flew aircraft into buildings in the United States on purpose, killing over 3,000 Americans and threatening to destabilize our financial and political systems. One day later, on 9/12/2001, America came together and said "Like Hell." 230 years ago a handful of madmen thought they would dictate to those across an ocean that they should pay taxes yet have no representation in how that money was spent. They said "Like Hell" and went to war. Two days ago over a million Americans descended on Washington DC and stood on The Mall, rallying around a singular viewpoint and position: YOU HAVE CROSSED THE LINE WASHINGTON. They came to protest "big government" in all its forms. Socialized health care, banking system bailouts, automakers who got in over their heads and demanded money from ordinary Americans, US Government Officials crowding Representatives and Senators into a room and threatening the collapse of the economy and imposition of martial law unless their "buddies" were given $700 billion taxpayer dollars. All forms of taxation without representation; do recall that when TARP was under debate public sentiment was one hundred or more to one against passage of the bill to enact the ransom demanded in the dead of night, yet Congress passed it anyway. A shot across the bow? Yes. A peaceful shot? Yes. Will it remain simply a mass of fed up Americans making speeches on The Mall, will it turn to voter anger, or will it become something even more ugly. That depends on Congress and The White House. No government has the right to exist other than by the consent of the governed. This is not a "radical position", it is a foundational principle of The United States, and every Congressperson, President, or other person employed by same swore an oath to protect and uphold that very foundational principal, up to and including with their life. Public service is a choice. The oath of office and what it means, once taken, is not a choice. It is a sacred obligation. Mr. Axelrod appears to be unhappy with on 9/12 America took to The Mall in protest, calling them "a fringe": Arrogance is dangerous Mr. Axelrod. We do remember leaked sealed divorce records during senatorial campaigns and other similar dirty tricks, and an awful lot of America is quite sure that you don't give a good damn what America thinks on this issue or any other. That is why over a million people showed up in Washington DC Mr. Axelrod, and if you ignore their voice, it will simply grow stronger - until you can't ignore it any longer. You think this is a fringe eh? This time-lapse security-camera video is damning evidence - that's not a few thousand people, that's almost certainly north of a million, and maybe two.That's close to equal or better than came to DC to watch Obama be inaugurated. You might want to contemplate on that for a while sir, and what it could mean if you choose to ignore the message being sent in a rather-clear form.

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